Can We Please Talk About Last Night’s True Blood Premiere?


Since it’s still early, and as an inveterate DVR user myself, I’m not going to put any spoilers in the body of this post. But in the comments, all bets are off! Did you watch last night? What did you think? (Don’t worry, you can always come back to discuss after you watch it.)

Until then, if you want to stay unspoiled, please enjoy True Mud, from Sesame Street. SO GOOD.


  1. Eve Batey says

    So, first: is Tara really dead? Doesn’t it seem weird that they didn’t show it?


    — REALLY JASON AND VIOLET, this is when you choose to do it, outside when zombie vamps are wandering about?

    — Why is this Sookie’s fault again? Isn’t this mayhem all over the state?

    — Who else who’s presently tied up in the Fangtasia basement is gonna die (my vote is Jane)


    — Could Pam be any more of a badass (the answer is “no”)

    OK, that’s just a start.

  2. Ellen Ripley says

    Tara is not dead.

    Violet sure knows how to rock a chambray and patterned skirt.

    Did I miss something about Sookie? I didn’t get the sudden blame either. The town FINALLY decides to turn on her? Sookie does not deserve the bicep juicy ness of Alcide. Mmm.

    Who is Jane? Is she the pregnant annoying one I hope dies?

    Where the hell IS Deputy Kenya?

    Pam as Indiana Jones – spinoff series please!

    • Eve Batey says

      I loved Violet’s outfit so much! Violet, I am not so nuts about. Remind me why I should care about her? The actress is doing the best she can, I don’t blame her, but I’m getting nothing from her re why she might be likable or anything else.

      Alcide’s hair: how much do you love the short cut? SO much better than the shag of seasons past.

      Jane is the voluptuous older gal. I think we saw her getting it from behind about 707070274072406420647539 times the Marianne season.

      Pam as Indiana Jones…or Pam as the new star of Homeland? Come on, she’d be SO MUCH better than Carrie.

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