Dr. Oz Gets Grilled Over Shady Weight-Loss Pills

I bet Oprah has some shit to say about this.

Dr. Oz was taken TO THE WOODSHED by Senator Claire McCaskill, whose Senate nameplate reads “Mrs. Caskill”, over the shady weight-loss supplements that he’s been peddling on his medical talk show and various infomercials. I have seen Dr. Oz on TV trying to sell his magic beans and it has crossed my mind that the magic beans might actually work if Oprah-approved, scrub-clad Dr. Mehmet Oz says so.

Screenshot of the Dr. Oz Show

Screenshot of the Dr. Oz Show

I have no idea if Senator Claire tried these supplements and is pissed they didn’t work, or she’s just watching the rest of our backs, but she is PISSED that Dr. Oz’s pills are complete and total bullshit. Let’s watch!

First of all, does Dr. Oz have a new hair do or some work done? Something is up with his look. Maybe it’s the green coffee beans!

Historically, I have been a fan of Dr. Oz because he encourages people to ask questions of their doctor and pay attention to their bodies. If you’ve ever watched his show, you may have noticed that Dr. Oz is nonjudgemental towards obese people, smokers, shitty livers, etc. I think he does a good job of making Americans who watch dumb talk shows better connected to their own health. This is a good thing! I am down with Dr. Oz. I suspect, however, the financial lure of attaching his name and image to a sham weight-loss product was too great. Dr. Oz is human. He couldn’t say no! He justified the baloney clinical study of “16 people in India” as proof that these weight-loss supplements are “magic” and felt okay about the whole thing all the way to the bank.

I asked Eve to chime in on this, as she always has some shit to say about Dr. Oz:

EVE: I feel for Dr Oz, I really do. It must be incredibly hard for his production staff to come up with topics to fill a daily, hour long show. But, you know what? That’s tough. If you’re going to tell us we should listen to you because you’re a doctor, then you need to have some rigor. He needs to make a decision: does he want to be a famous fun personality, goofing around on The Soup and telling people that green coffee beans are their weight loss miracle? Or does he want to be a doctor? Frankly, I’d rather take advice from the texting anesthologist. At least I know he’s not saying shit just to get famous.

I think that my biggest issue is that Dr. Oz is doing these shows under the guise of medical research. He’s not like Jennifer Aniston hocking Aveeno or George Clooney and Nespresso. (I now buy both of those products because I was the skin of Aniston and the Italian energy of Clooney.) Dr. Oz is taking the criticism for his schlocky magic beans (literally, MAGIC BEANS) and using it on his TV show as a way to really, truly, scientifically get to the bottom of the magic bean debate. Of course, Dr. Oz ultimately claims the beans are proven weight-loss miracles.

Dr. Oz should just say, “I’m getting paid by the magic bean people.” And then go back to showing us our insides.

h/t: Slate


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