I’m Over People Who Are Over The Ice Bucket Challenge

The people opposed to the ice bucket challenge are people who take 4-hour showers and then are upset about a bucket (A BUCKET) of wasted water. Or they just don’t like a super positive meme in their social media news feeds and are being bitter about it. WHATEVER. ALS is a tragic, messy disease and if raising money for it is annoyingly cool for a week, then MY GOD WHAT BLESSED LIVES WE LEAD.

But then I saw this.

Ice Bucket

Obviously, donate that $40 to anything else. Because this is the end of the world.

In unrelated news, this was sent to me via Instagram by my good friend Sara who lives in Nashville and who I’ve been friends with for 15 years. We know the intimate details of each other’s lives for over a decade and we’ve never met. Pen pals! If you’re having a billion dollar wedding in the Deep South, you should hire her.


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