It’s Saturday Night. Watch This Weird Old Video

I’ve regretted being one of those people who says in the throes of a fun, heated conversations, “You’ve never seen that YouTube? I will email it to you!” And then I never email it. I have every good intention of following-up with the link and including a friendly note, sure to leave my former conversation-mate thinking, “Boy, that Beth Spotswood sure is cool.” Seriously. I think these things. But I always forget to mail the link until it’s far too late, and would thus be weird to do so.

Last night, however, I finally came through. In a conversation with Slow News Day’s Eve and her husband Tim, I mentioned the once viral sales video of the industrial machine that crushes up anything that might be flushed down a municipal toilet. It was my understanding that this was used in jail plumbing. Eve and Tim claimed to have no idea what I was talking about, to my great frustration. I got home and sent over the video. To quote Eve, “This is the most satisfying thing I have ever seen in my life.”

What are your favorite things to see dropped into the machine? Mine is anything menses-related, like the BOX of tampons because it gives me the giggles to see men dropping Kotex into the Muffin Monster. Who uses Kotex?!?! No one in America, I’m pretty sure. Eve was all overwhelmed by the cantaloupe. How anyone can flush a cantaloupe down a toilet is beyond me, but the wooden box and cans of paint raise the same question. And why would they have so many tennis balls in jail?

Anyway, this video is the visual equivalent of popping bubble wrap. I hope you enjoy it, I hope you have a great weekend, and I hope you think I sure am cool.


  1. Mary-Lynn says

    So many thoughts!
    – best items: bottles of water, couch, tennis balls
    – when it’s not Yule Log season, it could be Muffin Monster season on some cable channel – nonstop 24 hours of mulching!
    – it’s call the MUFFIN Monster – why? WHY?
    – low level fever that video would take an terrible turn and someone’s fingers were going to get caught in it
    – joy of knowing that some drunk Muffin Monster factory workers fingers once (more than?) did get caught in it!

    You’re cool. Thank you!

  2. Jon says


    The insouciance with which they just throw shoes or jugs or water or a COUCH into the thing…


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