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Hey, everyone! Yes, we did it: we’ve started a podcast. Here’s our pilot episode, in which we discuss the women who’ve died on Mt. Tam, an woman who allegedly poisoned her kid for social media attention, and the TV shows Little Women LA, Extreme Weight Loss, and Catfish.

We’re waiting to get assigned an RSS feed (you need at least one episode and, here’s number one!) so you can subscribe via iTunes or your podcast app of choice. Until then, you can listen to this episode here or on Soundcloud (which also has a nice app, if you’re so inclined).

We know, it’s still rough. We’re working things out. We need intro and outro music (if you want to make us some, let us know!) and to smooth off the rough edges. So, if you have feedback, we’d love to hear it, but keep in mind, that, geez, this is our first one.

Now, here are the links to what we talked about in the podcast (if I forgot any, let me know in the comments!)

The NY Daily News article on the “social media mom”

Mt Tam hikers’ deaths ruled accidental

Our pal Christine Bronstein speaks with author Joyce Maynard on the Mt Tam deaths

How hypothermia can kill you

How Chris Powell got famous (I was wrong, it wasn’t some “home-job video” it was a TLC show. Which, have you seen the crap they put on TLC? I think my confusion was understandable.) (also, not referenced in the podcast, but that guy gained all the weight back)

Roger Ebert’s email exchange re the use of the word “midget.”

Roger Ebert’s post on being an alcoholic

The Vulture article on how Catfish actually works

The podcast I believe prompted the above article

PS AT&T Uverse? Call us. We’re ready to sell out.


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