Nancy Grace Reaches A New High/Low

While not sporting her signature handcuff necklace, Nancy Grace told the dad of a missing 12-year old that his son was just found in his basement. What? I know. Watch this and decide for yourself if the dad is really surprised. Because I AM NOT SURE. I mean, how are you supposed to act when you think you kid is potentially kidnapped and then Nancy Grace, of all scary people, tells you nope. Check the basement again.

The 12 year old boy has been missing since he excused himself to the men’s room and never came back. That was on June 14th. He was just found in the basement, barricaded behind boxes and items that Detroit police say he couldn’t have moved himself. This article shoots a big side-eye at the dad. You thoughts?

h/t: DListed


  1. Whitney says

    Ummmm. Just wondering why nancy grace would be “alerted” before the family/father? Can you please help unravel this mystery? It seems the FBI is having a hard time…

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