NKOTB Cruise Vacation To Be Made Into Perfect TV Show

For years and years, I have maintained that I should get to hang tough on a New Kids on the Block cruise (for free, obviously) so that I might write a feature article about the experience for Vanity Fair, the New Yorker, or some other worthy publication. This request has seemed unreasonable to anyone I’ve ever pitched it to, and now it can never be.

New Kid on the Block and the guy at the beginning of “The Sixth Sense” Donnie Wahlberg is executive producing a TV show called “Rock This Boat” which follows NKOTB super fans on the NKOTB cruise in the course of 8 episodes. The show, on something called the TV Guide Network, has yet to schedule an air-date because TV executives are idiots.

Celebrity-themed cruises are nothing new. I think the band Train actually had one. GQ Magazine covered the Kid Rock one. It makes perfect sense that a NKOTB super fan (known in certain circles as “Blockheads”) would get to go on THIS FUCKING CRUISE THAT I’VE BEEN TALKING ABOUT FOR YEARS! I mean, members of the band make surprise cabin visits, for christsakes. They have pool parties and take photos with everyone and sing NKOTB classics! I can think of no better way one can spend one’s time!

Donnie Wahlberg is also the producer and narrator of “Boston’s Finest”, a reality show in which we follow police officers with Boston’s finest accents. And he was on the reality show “Wahlburgers”, which is about how he and Marky Mark opened up a hamburger chain with their forever frazzled brother Paul. In “Wahlburgers”, once can see that the entire Wahlberg family treats Marky Mark like Oprah Jesus, and Donnie is struggling to act like that doesn’t bother him. It’s… a really good show.

h/t to my Dad for ripping the article out of the NY Daily News and mailing it to me via the US Postal Service.


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