SND Podcast Episode 2: Outlaw Prophet, Thicke Tweets, Wandering Man

Hey, everyone! We’re back with the second episode of our podcast, which you can now subscribe to on iTunes right here!

This week, we talk about a guy who just wandered around for three weeks, Robin Thicke’s bad Twitter decision, Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs, and Hollywood Game Night. Here’s are the links I think we said we’d include (if I forgot any, let me know!)

Here’s the story of J. Roy Martinez’s wild walkabout.

Here are some of the meanest #AskThicke tweets.

Robin Thicke’s butt grab photo, on SF Gate.

Here’s where you can watch the Beth-recommended Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs.

Hollywood Game Night.

Did I miss anything? Anyway, like I said, please subscribe to us on iTunes, so future episodes will flow seamlessly to your digital whatever you got. And review us! If you do, it makes us easier to find in the iTunes store.


  1. Rain says

    OMG Robin Thicke is the worst. I have always found him and his tiny mustache the ultimate in creepy, but the whole “I’m a cheater, but I’mma write a whole album how sorry (not sorry) I am,” is just so GROSS! And I hate that there are impressionable girls out there who think it’s totally romantic. Vomit.

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